15 December 2010

The Opposite of Biblical Christianity

Ken Wilber, a 'mind-blowing' author according to Rob Bell:

A few things:

1. This guy couldn't be more Kantian if he tried. In all the ways we don't want to be like Kant.

2. The lady whispering 'I-am-ness' at 3:09 is both laugh-worthy and tear-worthy.

3. The reference to Exodus 3:14 is a hijacking of what that text, and the whole biblical revelation of God, means.

The epistemology, anthropology, and theology propounded here is the opposite, the precise opposite, of biblical Christianity.

I might add a fourth comment--what Ken needs to hear from the Christian community is disagreement with compassion, not disagreement with scorn.

HT: Theoblog

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Todd Pruitt said...

I have read Rob Bell's comments about Wilber. My question is how can he possibly recommend that we spend "three months" reading Wilber?