17 December 2010

Duane Litfin's Charge to Phil Ryken

At the installation of Wheaton's new president, here's how the former president opened his charge. Before you read it, consider--with five minutes and one thing to say to Wheaton's next leader, what would you say?
My exhortation for you, Phil, is so simple that at first blush it sounds like not much more than a cliche. But on the basis of my seventeen years as Wheaton's president, I can assure you it is no such thing; it is the very opposite of a cliche. My charge to you is: Make your presidency an exercise of love.

In 1 Corinthians 13 the Apostle Paul offers up some of the most profound observations to be found anywhere in Scripture. I have learned over my tenure at Wheaton--sometimes the easy way, sometimes the hard way--that what the Apostle describes in this iconic passage is precisely what Wheaton College most needs from you.
Hard to think of a more important thing to say.

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