05 December 2010

An Ocean without Shores or Bottom

Edwards, commenting on 'the God of all comfort' in 2 Cor 1:3--
There is no true comfort to be found anywhere else but in God. There are a great many other things that men hope to find comfort in. They seek it in riches. They seek it in luxury and in sensual pleasures, but 'tis not to be found in any of these things. God is that spring from whence issues the pure stream of comfort where the thirsty may satisfy their longing souls and the weary may find rest. This fountain is an ocean without shores or bottom, enough to satisfy the most capacious and enlarged desires.
--Jonathan Edwards, 'That God Is the Father of Lights,' in The Blessing of God: Previously Unpublished Sermons of Jonathan Edwards (B&H, 2003), 350

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. :-)