10 December 2010

Only One Motive

An excerpt from a 1984 letter by the late Jack Miller, Philadelphia pastor and father of the wonderful Sonship ministry/movement and then World Harvest Mission--
What I finally came to as I walked and prayed for you is the old, old story of getting the gospel clear in your own hearts and minds, making it clear to others and doing it with only one motive--the glory of Christ.

Getting the glory of Christ before your eyes and keeping it there--is the greatest work of the Spirit that I can imagine. And there is no greater peace, especially in the times of treadmill-like activity, than doing it all for the glory of the Lord Jesus. Think much of the Savior's suffering for you on that dreadful cross, think much of your sin that provoked such suffering, and then enter by faith into the love that took away your sin and guilt, and then give your work your best. Give it your heart out of gratitude for a tender, seeking, and patient Savior. Then every event becomes a shiny glory moment to be cherished--whether you drink tea or try to get the verb forms of the new language.
--C. John Miller, The Heart of a Servant-Leader: Letters from Jack Miller (ed. Barbara Miller Juliani; P&R, 2004), 22

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