02 December 2010


Yes, camels. We aren't familiar with these strange creatures here in the West, but of course they pop up all over the place in the Bible. Maybe it would be interesting to know a thing or two about them.

Here are a few factoids about these remarkable creatures--
1. Camels have three or in some cases four stomachs. Plants are chewed, sent down to the first two stomachs, regurgitated, the cud is chewed, then it is swallowed again.

2. Camels have slit-like nostrils that can close when needed, as in a sandstorm.

3. Their extremely long and thick eyelashes are one more protection against sandstorms. They also have bony humps over the eyes that act as natural shades from the sun.

4. A camel's teeth never stop growing their whole lives long. The longer and more protruding the teeth, the older the camel.

5. A camel's feet are unique among other mammals. Instead of walking on the tips of their toes covered by a hoof, their feet are broad pads that function like elastic and give maximal traction in sand.

6. Other mammals have round red blood cells. A camel's are oval, making them flow faster in dehydration.

7. A camel can lose up to 40% of its weight in water loss without being harmed. Humans die if they lose 14%.

8. Camels can drink even the slush left behind by salt water when fresh water is unavailable.

9. Unlike other animals that are created either for extreme cold or for extreme heat, a camel is created for both--the same camel can endure temperatures down to 40 degrees below (F) in the winter and 100 degrees in the summer.

10. Bother a camel and it will spit on you.

11. Camel fights have been known to escalate to such a degree that both combatants have died.

12. Camels can run up to 40 miles/hour, and can carry several hundred pounds of equipment for sustained lengths at over 10 miles/hour.

13. Those humps are not filled with water, but fat, and can sustain a camel several days. In the exact same conditions, a cow will lose water three times as quickly as a camel. A thirsty camel can drink 30 gallon of water in 13 minutes and then not drink again for a week.

14. A camel's mouth is so tough it can chew and swallow bushes with thorns.
As someone who appreciates efficiency, may I say that I am in awe. I would not be averse to the institution of a camel appreciation month.

In all seriousness, it is truly awe-some to consider the world God has made and placed us in. There are wonders all around.

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Eric said...

Awesome post! I love fiction, but things God has made are often more fascinating than things we think up. Hooray for camels!