28 December 2010

Nate Larkin at Covenant Seminary

Nate Larkin recently gave a few talks at Covenant Seminary. Nate was a pastor with a porn addiction who has boldly laid bare his life for the sake of serving and helping others. He lives in Franklin, Tennessee and authored this book.

Would you like to hear the testimony of a man who spent twenty bucks on a hooker on his way to church to lead a candlelight service on Christmas Eve?

Honest, frightening, chastening, hope-giving.

Here's a bit more from Nate.


Mike Berttucci said...

Just listened to both his talks a few weeks ago. A real glimpse of sin and brokenness and a real glimpse of hope in Jesus. I love what he says about our tendency to put masks on to hide our sin, and 'where sin is hidden, there is no healling'.

Dane Ortlund said...

Thanks for this Mike--that bit struck me too when I listened.