01 April 2010

Satan the Coward

Satan is a great coward. He will generally meddle with God's people when they are down. I find that when I am in good physical health, I am not often tempted of Satan to despondency or doubt; but whenever I get depressed in spirit, or the liver is out of order, or the head aches, then comes the hissing serpent.

--Charles Spurgeon, quoted in Zack Eswine, Kindled Fire: How the Methods of C. H. Spurgeon Can Help Your Preaching (Christian Focus 2006), 207


Unknown said...

I can't wait.Until God throws.That evil serpent.Into the lake.Of fire forever.The devil has it coming.

Unknown said...

Indeed he does. I know we are not suppose to relish or find any pleasure at all in the demise of any being but I will personally have a hard jumping in jubilee when this POS gets served