14 April 2010

All Is Wrapped up in Him

Early on in Communion with God, John Owen describes 'three things in general wherein . . . personal excellency and grace of the Lord Christ consists.'

The first is that Christ is 'fit to save.' The second is that he is 'almighty to save.' The third is Christ's

excellency to endear, from his complete suitableness to all the wants of the souls of men. There is no man whatever, that has any want in reference to the things of God, but Christ will be to him that which he wants. . . . Is he dead? Christ is life. Is he weak? Christ is the power of God, and the wisdom of God. Has he the sense of guilt upon him? Christ is complete righteousness. . . .

Many poor creatures are sensible of their wants, but know not where their remedy lies. Indeed, whether it be life or light, power or joy, all is wrapped up in him.
(p. 94)

The ultimate key to spiritual health is not our having-it-together-ness. The key is awareness that we don't have it together. Knowing our 'wants,' says Owen. Not qualifying; knowing we don't.

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