21 April 2010

The 10 Commandments Are in Force

Any guesses as to which theologian made the following remarks?

[T]he Ten Commandments are still in force and do concern us Christians so far as obedience to them is concerned. For the righteousness demanded by the Law is fulfilled in the believers through the grace and the assistance of the Holy Spirit, whom they receive. Thus all the admonitions of the prophets in the OT, as well as of Christ and the apostles in the NT, concerning a godly life, are excellent sermons on, and expositions of, the Ten Commandments.

Formerly I found that I had no delight in the Law. But now I discover that the Law is precious and good, that it was given to me for my life.

The Law . . . is not to be discarded; for if we cast the Law aside, we shall not long retain Christ.

That's right. Martin Luther.

Caricatures, while existing for a reason, die hard.

(LW 22:39, 144, 146)


Andrew Cowan said...

Also, in his 1535 Galatians commentary, Luther explains somewhere around 3:10-12 how he thinks that Rom 2:13 ("the doers of the law will be justified") refers to the real fulfillment of the law in the lives of believers. I doubt that even many of his sympathizers would see that one coming.

Dane Ortlund said...

Fascinating Andrew! Didn't know that.