20 April 2010

Edwards: All Beauty a Reflection of God's Beauty

Consider this: 'All the beauty to be found throughout the whole creation, is but the reflection of the diffused beams' shining forth from God.' And this: God is 'the foundation and fountain of all being and all beauty; from whom all is perfectly derived, and on whom all is most absolutely and perfectly dependent.' Just as the Sun is the source of all light, God is the source of all life and beauty.

Ponder the images: God as an eternal fountain that overflows with beautiful waters of life; God as the sun that radiates beams of life throughout the universe.

--James Byrd, Jonathan Edwards for Armchair Theologians (Westminster John Knox 2008), 138-39; quotes are of Edwards

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Matti said...

Beautiful... I think Edwards was very aesthetic when it came to thinking with God and pondering Him. Edwards has helped me a lot to have a some kind of vision God's moral beauty.