23 April 2010

Carson: Jesus Climactically Recapitulates

A nice riff in the midst of D. A. Carson's review of Udo Schnelle's 2009 Theology of the New Testament (given orally at SBL this past November: see here)--

The NT writers variously insist that Jesus' body is the temple of God, that he is the lamb of God, the good shepherd, the true vine, the Passover sacrificed for us, that he is the ultimate David, the ultimate (Melchizedekian) priest, that the church is the royal priesthood, that Jesus in some way recapitulates Israel's history, that the exodus is in some ways paradigmatic, and so on and so on.

--D. A. Carson, 'Review Article: Locating Udo Schnelle's Theology of the New Testament in the Contemporary Discussion,' JETS 53 (2010): 140

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