26 March 2012

What's the Central Message of the Bible

From Colin Smith, pastor of The Orchard Evangelical Free Church here in Chicagoland and someone I respect very much.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. However, what about getting thrown out of a Mormon church? How many places do we need to get thrown out of before our message is considered Christian? I suggest preach the text, bring it to Christ (without forcing Him into passages) and know that we don't have to feel obliged to preach in such a way that solves every Gospel issue in every sermon. For example, if we preach Christ all the time, does preaching Christ come at the cost of the HS and the Father getting neglected? Do, then, we become "Jesus-only" Modalists? Of course that would be something we all run from!

Many people bash "moralism" (with good reason sometimes - note Joel Osteen as the whipping boy here) and assuming it is not actually preaching life-change that Christ calls us to. Interesting topic and can result in Christ-exalting conversations.

Spencer Cummins said...

What a wonderful reminder of not only the sufficiency of Christ but also of his central place in the story of the Bible. This kind of focus on Christ rids our preaching of drifting towards other teachings that would cause us to find our satisfaction somewhere other than our Savior.
Amen to this good reminder,
Your brother in Christ,
Spencer Cummins