20 March 2012

True Manliness Is Tender

All gracious affections, that are a sweet odor to Christ, and that fill the soul of a Christian with a heavenly sweetness and fragrancy, are brokenhearted affections. A truly Christian love, either to God or men, is a humble brokenhearted love. The desires of the saints, however earnest, are humble desires: their hope is a humble hope; and their joy, even when it is 'unspeakable, and full of glory,' is a humble, brokenhearted joy, and leaves the Christian more poor in spirit, and more like a little child.
--Jonathan Edwards, Religious Affections (Yale edition, ed. Paul Ramsey), 339-40

Tenderness, humility, brokenheartedness, is not for a certain slice of the Myers-Briggs. It is not optional for young courageous pastors who preach in black untucked shirts. It is for Christians: all Christians.

'Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind' (1 Pet 3:8).


Offset said...

I am continually swept away by Edwards' words. Thank you for sharing

Mike Berttucci said...

love the black untucked shirt reference!

Jenny said...

Lovely quote!

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