05 March 2012

All Gold Glitters

Evangelista, a mature Christian, to Antinomista, an antinomian:
He will not be Jesus a Savior to any but only to those unto whom he is Christ a Lord. . . .

Although we cannot say, every one that hath a form of godliness hath also the power of godliness, yet we may truly say, that he who hath not the form of godliness, hath not the power of godliness; for though all be not gold that glitters, yet all gold doth glitter.

And therefore, I tell you truly, if you have no regard to make the law of Christ your rule, by endeavoring to do what is required in the Ten Commandments, and to avoid what is there forbidden, it is a very evil sign: and, therefore, I pray you consider of it.
--Edward Fisher, The Marrow of Modern Divinity, 200-201

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