08 July 2011

What is Humility?

Groveling self-deprecation?

Smarmy self-loathing?

Incessant refusal to acknowledge anything one contributes, by God's mercy, to the world?

True Christian humility of heart tends to make persons resigned to the will of God, patient and submissive to his holy hand under afflictions, full of awful [i.e. awe-full] reverence towards the Deity, ready to treat divine things with great respect, and of a meek behavior towards men . . . respectful towards superiors, gentle, easy to be entreated, not self-willed, not envious, but contented with his own condition, of a peaceable and quiet spirit, not disposed bitterly to resent injuries, but apt to forgive.
--Jonathan Edwards, Charity and Its Fruits, Works, Yale ed., 8:304-5

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Bob Smart said...

Thank you so much for sharing your finds from the best of theologians. I enjoy following your blog, and look forward to your future writings on Jonathan Edwards's spirituality.