29 July 2011

Adam and Christ

'. . . full of grace and truth.' -John 1:14

Luther, preaching on this text--
This world is a veritable vale of tears, an abode of sadness, a cheerless desert; for we behold Adam and all men full of God's disfavor, displeasure, wrath, curse, and condemnation. Adam is not full of grace.

By contrast, nothing but pure grace, love, peace, joy, and favor is evident in Christ. All of these are lavishly and profusely His, since He is the dear Child of the heavenly Father. Therefore He is a far different man from Adam. The comparison between the two is like that of devil and angel. (LW, 22:119)

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Michelle said...

Adam and Christ can't be compared because they have different role. I mean, I believe that Adam is just a mere representation of mankind.