13 June 2011

Internships for the Eschaton

Russell Moore on the kingdom of God--
If the kingdom is what Jesus says it is, then that means what matters isn't just what we neatly classify as spiritual. The natural world around us isn't just a temporary environment. It's part of our future inheritance in Christ. The underemployed hotel maids we walk past silently in the hallway aren't just potential objects of our charity; they are potential queens of the cosmos (James 2:5). Our jobs--whatever they might be--aren't accidental. The things we do to serve in our local churches aren't random. God is designing our lives--individually and congregationally--as internships for the eschaton. We're learning in little things how to be put in charge of great things (Matt. 25:14-23).
--Russell Moore, 'Kingdom: Heaven after Earth, on Earth, or Something Else? in Don't Call it a Comeback (ed. Kevin DeYoung; Crossway, 2011), 125


Stacey said...

"We're learning in little things how to be put in charge of great things."

This is helpful - especially being a mommy. I've never thought of motherhood as an internship, but it's encouraging.

Dane Ortlund said...

Outstanding Sweetheart.