05 June 2011

Edwards's Apologetic for the Great Awakening

Our brother Dr. Bob Smart, pastor of Christ Church (PCA) in central Illinois, has just published Jonathan Edwards's Apologetic of the Great Awakening. Doug Sweeney writes, 'I recommend this volume to anyone interested in the history of revivals in America—but especially to those with an interest in the pneumatological questions most important to Jonathan Edwards and his heirs.'

Bob spent many hours poring over the back-and-forth between Edwards and Chauncey and has a penetrating grasp of what each was arguing. The book is the fruit of Bob's recent PhD at the University of Wales.

I am strengthened personally by Bob's steady trust in the Lord, burden for a fresh outpouring of the Spirit today, tender heart, and love of the gospel. Join me in thanking the Lord for this brother and for his church-strengthening work on the Great Awakening.

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