24 June 2011


Stephen Altrogge's recent book on contentment is really helping me. It's outstanding.

Here's a taste.
The gospel of Christ is the fountainhead of contentment. In the gospel we have access to infinite blessings. But if we don't drink often we will always be thirsty. The moment I feel the saltwater-like thirst of discontentment, I need to plunge again into the gospel. I need to stop and stare and wonder and laugh at the goodness of God in the gospel. I need to spend time working on my gospel math, calculating the infinite distance between what I deserve and what I've received. To marvel that a prodigal like me could be embraced by the Universe Maker as a son. To imagine the gutter of misery I would by lying in if Christ had not rescued me. If i want to overcome contentment, I need to spend time wallowing in the gospel. (p. 70)


Stephen Altrogge said...

Thanks for your kind words Dane!

Jeff Rendell said...

Dane, did you mean "if I want to overcome DIScontentment?"