08 October 2010

On Gospel Tweets

A slew of nice ones from Tullian. A few more from Paul Tripp, via Timmy Brister. And 95 of them in an A29 contest last summer.

Jake Belder registers some concern over them.

Linking to Jake, Anthony Bradley expresses in World even more disdain for them.

Jared Wilson responds to Anthony.

Jake fires away once more.

A few quick thoughts.
1. Don't know Jake, but I continue to learn from and am blessed by all these men. We are on the same team! So easily forgotten.

2. O the wisdom of God--a four-year-old can understand the gospel, and an elderly saint at the end of a lifetime of wondering at it is only just beginning. Tweet-able and inexhaustible at the same time.

3. Didn't Paul put the gospel in less than 140 characters in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4? And Romans 10:9? And Peter, in Acts 16:31?

4. There may be valid frustrations in the way some tweet the gospel (though I've read the above pieces and have yet to see any), but you have a much bigger problem if you can't do it at all.

5. It's one thing to see issues with gospel tweets that really are unwittingly subversive to the biblical gospel, and to graciously identify them. It's another thing simply not to like gospel tweets. One is a truth issue, one is a taste issue. The latter is not responsible journalism.


jbboren said...

I noticed Jake was bragging that no one would find a gospel tweet on his tweet-list.


stephy said...

I have a word for that: theolojizzing.

pdug said...

Stephy: Eww.