13 October 2010

An Infinite Ocean

Edwards, preaching on Psalm 21:4:
His essence being love, he is as it were an infinite ocean of love without shores and bottom, yea, and without a surface. . . .

Those that God is pleased to make the objects of his love, let them be who they will, or what they will—never so mean, never so great sinners—they are the objects of a love that is infinitely full and sufficient.

And therefore nothing that they need, nothing that they ask of God, nothing that their desires can extend themselves to, nothing that their capacity can contain, no good that can be enjoyed by them, is so great, so excellent that God begrudges it to them.
--'The Terms of Prayer,' in The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 19, Sermons and Discourses: 1734-1738, 780-81