31 October 2010

Immanuel Church, Nashville

One reason I am encouraged about what is happening for the sake of the gospel today is our brother Dan Orr. Dan has just joined my wonderful dad in Nashville at Immanuel Church, an Acts 29 plant begun three years ago.

Dan and I graduated from Wheaton College together in 2001. Since then he has been serving with Young Life here in Wheaton while chipping away at an MDiv at TEDS. He and his wife and their two kids moved to Nashville a few months ago to work with Dad and Immanuel for the sake of the gospel and God-sent revival. Dan blogs at It's a Beautiful Gospel.

I love Dan Orr. He walks humbly with the Lord and cherishes the gospel of grace, understanding better than most of us the all-encompassing liberation that comes from the gospel. He works hard. He knows life is short. He refuses to project himself as anything other than what he is. He says what he means and means what he says. He is hilarious. He is courageous.

So I am thrilled Dan has joined Dad. These are two men I love and admire and I cannot imagine a more exciting church to be part of right now. Say a prayer today for Immanuel and continue, with me, to expect great things from God for and through his Church in days ahead.