11 September 2009

Not a Ticket In

The gospel is not the information that we believe to get saved; it is the good news that keeps us saved. It is the grand announcement of Jesus’ death and resurrection that is relevant for Christian sinners and non-Christian sinners. The gospel calls everyone to repentance and faith every day. It is not a ticket to glory but the promise of glory on earth. Not escape from creation but renewal of creation.

--Jonathan Dodson, describing his book Fight Clubs: Gospel-Centered Discipleship


Eric said...

Dane, about the gospel making all things new . . . what's your take on 2 Cor 5, where Paul is talking about the gospel, and then says panta - all things are made new if you're in Christ? What exactly does that mean? It would make sense to talk about the sinner's heart being made new . . . but ALL things? And it seems to be in the present tense!

Dane Ortlund said...

Interesting Eric, I wonder what you think? Something Barnett draws out really well in his commentary is the eschatological nature of 2 Cor 5:14-6:2. I don't think it's about a sinner's heart being made new (note the lack of reference to faith) so much as the inbreaking of the new age. Beale has shown me the eschat. signif. of "now is the day" in 6:2. It's not "Look, Christ has died, now accept this evangelistic offer" so much as "the massive aeonic transition longed for in the prophets has dawned--though not by the messiah coming and eradicating all sin, but by being made sin (5:21) on our behalf." (though Paul is certainly not speaking of the accomplishment of redemp. AND NOT the applic. of redemp). Parallel to Rom 8, Paul is speaking of the cosmic dimensions of the inauguration of the new covenant (2 Cor 3) and new creation (2 Cor 5).

Eric said...

Thanks, Dane, very helpful.