07 September 2009

A Little Heaven upon Earth

Can you read the second paragraph below and not immediately buy this volume from Amazon?

There is no other love so advantageous as love to Christ, and therefore none so pleasant. . . . Christ is already crowned with glory, and he will crown those who love him with glory too, so that they shall love each other eternally in the greatest glory. . . .

And in one word to sum up the whole, the love of Christ has a tendency to fill the soul with an inexpressible sweetness. It sweetens every thought and makes every meditation pleasant. It brings a divine color upon the mind, and spreads a heavenly fragrancy like a precious box of ointment. It bathes the soul with the dew of heaven, begets a bright sunshine and diffuses the beginning of glory and happiness in embryo. All the world smiles upon such a soul as loves Christ. The sun, moon and stars, fields and trees do seem to solace him. Such a mind is like a little heaven upon earth.

--Jonathan Edwards, The Glory and Honor of God: Volume 2 of the Previously Unpublished Sermons of Jonathan Edwards, p. 254

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