28 February 2009


A few people have asked about the title of this blog recently, so: we must have the right recipe to make a pie (strawberry-rhubarb is my favorite), yet the pie exists to be eaten and enjoyed; similarly, we must have right doctrine, yet it exists to be enjoyed--specifically, to enable enjoying God.

Some of us tend to love the recipe, yet we then take a piece of the pie and place it on a Petry dish and put on the lab coat and analyze it under a microscope and consider ourselves successful chefs. Others of us are of the ilk that loves to eat pie but we tend to neglect getting the measurements just right that the recipe calls for.

We must get the recipe right; the way to maximally enjoy the pie is not by circumventing the cookbook but by observing it, learning it, knowing it. But it is one thing to know how to bake a pie, and another to know how it tastes. To know the recipe and not enjoy the pie betrays the very reason for the recipe.

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