27 February 2009

Delighting in Unbelievers

Why did Jerram Barrs come to teach at Covenant Seminary 20 years ago?

I came to teach at Covenant because I felt constrained by the Lord to be of some service in helping men and women who are going into ministry to love non-Christians rather than to be afraid of them, to delight in building friendships with unbelievers rather than retreating from them . . .

This is not propaganda--he teaches it and does it. It's one reason I bless God for bringing me to Covenant Seminary in 2002. And I would like to become more like this.

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ErinOrtlund said...

I think this is great. It's so easy to relate primarily to others who agree with us. So contrary to Jesus who surrounded himself with all sorts of people especially those who needed him most. A great reminder--thanks.