17 February 2009

Jesus = Israel

[I]n Jesus the destiny of Israel finds its completion. 'The resurrection of Christ is the resurrection of Israel of which the prophets spoke.' It is not so much that Israel is a type of Jesus, but Jesus is Israel.

--R. T. France, Jesus and the Old Testament, 55, emphasis original (quoting C. H. Dodd, According to the Scriptures, 103)


Gavin Ortlund said...

Very interesting quote! I have always struggled with the way so many promises to Israel seem to not have been fulfilled (e.g., Ezekiel's vision of a future more glorious temple). I wonder to what extent Jesus' resurrection fulfills some of these promises.

Eric said...

Dane, this is a great quote. France's book has been one of the best books I've ever read on relating the testaments, period. One of the others is Sidney Greidanus' Preaching Christ from the OT - are you familiar? I found it so profoundly helpful in really reading the whole Bible as one book.

Joab Rico said...

Brother, (All you Brothers)

Leave room in all your Theological and libraryionic inhalations for a Urgent Last Hour Exhortation!

I want to exhort you along the Howell Harrisian, Whitefieldian, Rowlandian...Way! We are vigorously seeking the Outporings, Effusions, Gales, and Drenchings of the Holy Spirit's Liquid Fire! But, we must use or means not only of Prayer, Word, Writing! You must go into the streets and lanes, highways and hedges and proclaim the banquet of the Lamb! Inivite, compel and threaten poor sinners to the fountain that has been opened. No more excuses such as I am not called to such ministry. Damn those deceitful lies, and step on them with blood soaked feet in the lamb of God and may your feet be shod with the Gospel of Peace so that your little church plant sees a pastor who is a blazing torch of salvation in the dark neighborhoods around you. This will require death to remaining corruption and hobbies, but a harvest will swell. Be stabbed in the heart a fresh dead afflicted pastor, but let those afflictions bear the ripe fruit that they were intended for. O fool for Christ, take head and drop a line to one who is undeserving yet desirous of word or two!

Joab Rico

Dane Ortlund said...

Thank you three beloved brothers. Gav, Beale argues that the pouring out of the Spirit in Acts 2 was the eschat. fulfillment of OT promises for a new and final temple in the New Age - in both cases (then Temple, now Spirit), God has come to dwell among his people. This helps explain Joel 2 (instead of Ezek 36 or Jer 31) in Acts 2 in various ways. I am convinced.

Eric I just finished the bk and loved it. I have never read S.G.but heard him cited all the time by Bryan Chapell in the latter's explanations of redemptive-hist preaching and christocentric hermeneutics and I would love to take up and read someday.

Joab thank you for your recent calls and prayers and intercessions and I rejoice with you at the birth of Daniel. I would love to see you someday soon and till then hold you close in my heart.

Anonymous said...


There WILL be a third temple built, I promise you that.. G-d's covenant with us has never died, and we've had direct salvation through prayer to G-d since the beginning. G-d's word doesn't change nor does He change His mind, and neither has His salvation plan for his people.