06 March 2007

Dever/Piper/Ware Discussion

A helpful discussion between Mark Dever and John Piper on the following topics:
  • Limited Atonement (the "L" in TULIP)(Bruce Ware participates in this, who has been misdiagnosed as a 4-point Calvinist; for further thought I suggest Packer's introductory essay to John Owen's Death of Death, which settled my mind on it once and for all)
  • N. T. Wright and justification
  • Jonathan Edwards (and what to read first)
  • being "missional"
  • the relationship between social action and evangelism
  • church structure (congregationalism vs. plurality of elders)
  • the role of the government and the Christian's civil responsibility
  • mega-churches
  • abortion

This was a discussion held at Dever's church in D.C. during the week of ETS last November.


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