08 March 2007


I've posted before on the remarkable and free resources (class lectures by various evangelical profs) made possible by Bill Mounce at biblicaltraining.org. I received the following (mass-sent) email from BT, if anyone is interested.

Biblical Training is partnering with Reclaiming the Mind Ministries to sponsor a unique broadcast called "Converse with Scholars" (CWS). CWS connects you with the best in Christian scholarship, giving you opportunities to talk to top scholars in theology, biblical studies, and philosophy. Best of all, you can participate online from your own home. For more information on future guests and joining CWS, please visit www.conversewithscholars.org.

Reclaiming the Mind Ministries has been making wide use of BiblicalTraining. What they bring for us is the ability to periodically work with some of the professors who have given courses to BT.


Power up your computers for a special 2-hour Converse with Scholars program on Thursday, March 8th at 8 PM EST!

Our first hour will feature a special presentation on the Talpiot tomb by renowned scholar, author, and speaker Gary R. Habermas. Don't miss this opportunity to hear today's leading authority on the resurrection!

A bonus hour will feature three distinguished panelists--Michael R. Licona, Robert M. Bowman, Jr., and Daniel B. Wallace--who will respond to Gary's comments, share their own insights, and answer your questions about the latest media craze surrounding Jesus!

Thank you,
Your friends at BiblicalTraining

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