26 September 2006

Sex Trafficking and Truth

A series of circumstances has opened my eyes on repeated occasions recently to the reality and horror of child sex trafficking. It is no longer an isolated problem in Thailand. New York, Philadelphia, and Boston are becoming hubs too. And I'm wondering how to help. Somehow I want to team with Justice for Children International. Watch this introductory video they've done and see if it hits you as it did me.

This ministry, the Lord is showing me, is the kind of thing true theology fuels. Love for people. Compassion. This is the point of doctrine: that it might flow into the head (to be understood), down into the heart (to be enjoyed), and out through the hands (to be lived). It is a tragedy that theological liberals have historically outdone the evangelical church in fighting injustice--a tragedy because they are doing it on a defective foundation. They do not love the truth, I think to myself.

I wonder if the greater tragedy is that those who do love the truth have stood by. But I do not wonder who is closer to the heart of Jesus. Maybe we need a new definition of truth. Or maybe we conservatives just don't know him who said he is the truth as well as we thought.

". . . let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth. By this we shall know that we are of the truth . . ."

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