25 September 2006

Broadus: Calvinism

At the end of a post on Calvinism in the SBC, Tom Ascol, director of Founders Ministries, writes that John Broadus defined Calvinism as "that exalted system of Pauline truth which is technically called Calvinism, which compels an earnest student to profound thinking, and when pursued with a combination of systematic thought and fervent experience, makes him at home among the most inspiring and ennobling views of God and the universe He has made."

I love this definition both because it speaks of the importance of "fervent experience" joining hands with sound doctrine, and also because it reminds us in the last phrase that Calvinism is not so much about constructing a rational, systematic, well-oiled machine consisting of 5 interlocking elements as it is about seeing God in Scripture as supreme over all and allowing that to trickle down into theological particulars.

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