11 September 2006

"The Cranial and the Cardiological"

This morning I was listening to a series of preaching lectures by Robert Smith, associate professor of homiletics at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama. He said almost exactly the reason why this blog exists. In the midst of a series of lectures on the preacher as both an "exegetical escort" (head) and a "doxological dancer" (heart), he remarks:

"The cranial and the cardiological must be married!"

I said almost because it could have been improved by explaining that the cranial is the fuel for the cardiological; it is not only that the two must co-exist, but that they are mutually reinforcing. One cannot exist on its own any more than the light of the sun can reach us without its heat coming along, too.

But that's a minor point. I love the way Dr. Smith puts it.

To listen to the lectures, delivered at Covenant Seminary in Fall 2005, click:

Here for Lecture 1;
Here for Lecture 2;
Here for Lecture 3.

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