22 August 2006

My Sin Meets the Infinite Fountain of Holiness

In describing the necessity that sin be punished in light of God's holiness, Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) writes this:

"It does not become the Sovereign of the world, a being of infinite glory, purity, and beauty, to suffer such a thing as sin, an infinitely uncomely disorder, an infinitely detestable pollution. . . . If we could behold the infinite fountain of purity and holiness, and could see what an infinitely pure flame it is, and with what a pure brightness it shines, so that the heavens appear impure when compared with it; and then should behold some infinitely odious and detestable filthiness brought and set in its presence: would it not be natural to expect some ineffably vehement opposition made to it? and would not the want of it be indecent and shocking?" "Of Satisfaction for Sin" (Works, Hickman ed., II:566)

I praise God for Rick Warren's fight against AIDS and poverty and hunger. But you won't find that in The Purpose-Driven Life.

Read Warren's bestseller--it's helpful and edifying--after you read Edwards. Crackers will feed you, but they lose their appeal after a feast of prime rib.

If we're going to help the hungry, better to do it on a full stomach.

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