20 August 2006

Addicted to God

The Puritan John Howe, in a series of 13 sermons on regeneration, said this:
"You see by this what a Christian is. And all will agree (no doubt) in the common notion, a Christian is one that believeth that Jesus is the Christ. But you see who are reckoned to believe to this purpose, such as are born thereupon another sort of creatures from what they were, and so continue as long as they live: and such as are heaven born, born of God by immediate divine operation and influence, a mighty power from God coming upon their souls, conforming them to God, addicting them to God, uniting them with God, making them to centre in God, taking them off from all this world."
--Edmund Calamy, ed., The Works of the Rev. John Howe (London: William Ball, 1838), 891, 896.

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