04 November 2010

Sexual Detox: A Guide for Guys Who Are Sick of Porn

This looks like a helpful little resource to be aware of, from our discerning brother Tim Challies. It's short (30 pp), to the point, wise, and downloadable for free.

Tim writes:
I know that the issue of pornography is spoken about so often in Christian circles that it is in danger of becoming cliche. But it is a reality we cannot avoid or overlook. The purpose of this booklet is not to say, 'quit porn' as much as it is to say, 'look what porn is doing to your heart.' I hope that this message will help you first see that you do need to quit looking at porn and, second (and even if you’ve already broken free) that you need to find a new way of looking at sex. Just quitting, while it is the right thing to do, is not enough. You need to replace the lies with truth. (p. 8)
The book can be read online as a PDF here.


Kevin Meath said...

Actually, Tim's original booklet has been heavily reworked, resulting in a far superior product, albeit one that is not free. Please check it out at CruciformPress.com, a company that Tim co-founded. Thanks.

Dane Ortlund said...

Excellent, thanks for alerting us to this Kevin.