21 August 2010

Scrupulously Honest Scholarship Matters

From Anne Rice's CT interview, when asked why she still reads D. A. Carson, Craig Keener, and N. T. Wright. Bear in mind that this is someone who 'quit being a Christian' this summer.
Sometimes the most conservative people are the most biblically and scholastically sound. They have studied Scripture and have studied skeptical scholarship. They make brilliant arguments for the way something in the Bible reads and how it's been interpreted. I don't go to them necessarily to know more about their personal beliefs. It's the brilliance they bring to bear on the text that appeals to me. Of all the people I've read over the years, it's their work that I keep on my desk. They're all non-Catholics, but they're believers, they document their books well, they write well, they're scrupulously honest as scholars, and they don't have a bias. Many of the skeptical non-believer biblical scholars have a terrible bias.

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This quote inspired me to write a little concerning Rice's interview with CT. Here's the link if you are interested: http://arguingwithangels.blogspot.com

As usual, keep up the great work with the blog. I'm sure I speak for many when as I express my gratitude and appreciation of your writings and findings that you post here.