25 August 2010

Dr. Gerald Hawthorne (1925-2010)

Gerald Hawthorne, New Testament and Greek prof at Wheaton for 42 years, has gone to be with the Lord. Better by far. The Chicago Tribune reports. John Ortberg gave the memorial service address.

These past three years as a grad student at Wheaton, I frequently popped in to Jerry Hawthorne's office on the second floor of the Wheaton College library. He always welcomed the interruption, and I was always happy to give it. He was a delightful man, filled with exuberant joy even as an 84-year-old getting pestered by meddlesome grad students.

We lived on the same street, so I often saw him and his big hat walking past my house. As recently as this summer he was still faithfully going to his office in the library, going about his work.

My dad graduated from Wheaton in 1971. Dr. Hawthorne was his Greek professor. Dad has always spoken of him with love and affection.

Dr. Hawthorne wrote a handful of books and articles, but his central passion was the students. SBL won't note that, but the Lord will.

Grateful for you, Jerry. See you soon.

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