11 August 2010

The Only Question that Matters

My whole concern in my work of trying to make pastors (and I have 'made' too few, although I have had many men through my hands) is that they become men of God; then, the pastoral work will look after itself. It will still have to be done. But the man of God is made for that.

The question is: Are you on the way to becoming men of God?
--William Still, The Work of the Pastor (rev. ed.; Christian Focus, 2010), 26-27


Gavin Ortlund said...

Great quote for those starting off in pastoral training of some kind, or in the midst of it! Thanks for producing that.

Greg said...

This book just arrived at my house yesterday. I hope to begin it by the end of the week.

Mike Berttucci said...

Just read this book earlier this summer. Great read for any1 in pastoral work/training. Great reminder that the pastor's primary role is to minister the Word.

Anonymous said...

When I was delivered from the devastating weight of my sin (62 years ago) it seemed like the entire world turned 180%. My whole outlook on everything changed in an instant! The terrible weight of my sin went away and I have not seen it since. I was left with a consuming desire for God's Word and I read thru the Bible 4 times during the first year of my redemption. My wife and I began memorizing scripture and since then I have memorized entire books of the NT.

I say all that to say this: I know of no way to mature in Christ other than the serious study of the scriptures on a continuous basis. One called to teach (my calling) must bathe himself in the scriptures on a daily basis. Training in a Bible College and/or a Seminary is has great potential but it must not take the place of personal Bible study and meditation. My experience is that enlightenment by the Holy Spirit comes as we immerse ourselves in the Word. I don't think it comes any other way. (my experience again). Perhaps there is another way but I know of none. Certainly it is a great privilege to hear other Christians preach and/or teach but there still remains the need for insight which I have never experienced except as provided by the Holy Spirit. (Jesus called Him the Spirit of Truth!) One who pastors and teaches others must himself be taught first. For me the Christian life is very exciting and gets more so as I age. To pastor effectively I think a pastor must be excited about his journey in Christ and in the Word. Jack