06 July 2010

The Adventure Continues

Today, having finished a Bible degree this May at Wheaton, is my first day at Crossway Books, where I'll be helping with a handful of Bible-related projects. It is a remarkable providence and kindness from the Lord, on several levels. And the brothers with whom I'll be working most closely are tremendous men of God, with a heart for what matters most in life. What a privilege.

The past eight months have been a strange road in some ways, but nothing has hindered God's unwavering fatherly attention through it all. The feltness of his attention wavers, due to my weak faith; the attention itself never wavers.

God's lovingkindness seeks out every corner of my life. All bought at the cross.


Jude St.John said...

Congratulations on finishing your work at Wheaton and also at beginning your work at Crossway.

Nick said...

Is this a permanent long-term job/calling for you at Crossway, or do you want to teach in the academy or pastor in the local church? Blessings! Also, I'd like tons of free books from Crossway now:)

Dane Ortlund said...

Thanks for your kind words Jude. Nick, it would be easy to be over-confident about how long or short I'll be at Crossway, as with any vocational calling. What I can say are two things: one, God made it abundantly clear this was where he wanted us next (probably the clearest leading I've yet had in life), and two, the men and women at Crossway are simply tremendous people of God with whom it is an undeserved privilege to serve. Can't believe I get to be here.