07 July 2010

Reminders from Robin Hood

1. Men need leaders. Not appreciate. Need.

2. Leaders are contagious one way or the other. Take a neutral man and give him a strong, courageous leader: he'll be strong and courageous. Take that same man and give him a weak, cowardly leader: he'll be weak and cowardly. Men are in some sense in their leaders. They feed off them. Courage is contagious. So is cowardice.

3. Effeminate men and masculine women are repulsive. Especially the former.

4. You don't have to live in a so-called 'honor/shame' culture in the far East to know intuitively what honor is. That's an image of God thing, not an Eastern thing. We build our entire life groping for honor, and feeding that soul-need by getting it vicariously through Russell Crowe movies. Though they won't put it in these words, Hollywood knows that all people long for the glory, the reverent dignity, of being human--truly human, human before Genesis 3 and after Revelation 21.

In Christ we can have it.

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