08 July 2010

Hans Bayer and Rutherford House

Hans Bayer recently delivered lectures at Rutherford House in Edinburgh, Scotland, on discipleship in Mark and mission in Acts, both of which have been lifelong interests of his. Details here. Dr. Bayer is a model of godly, joyful, reverent scholarship. He recently published this commentary on Mark.

If you're not familiar with Rutherford House, it would be good to have it on your radar. It was conceived through conversations between William Still and Sinclair Ferguson in the early 80's and exists to encourage solidly evangelical biblical study in support of the church, especially the church in Scotland.

RH hosts conferences (resulting in books such as this one) and publishes twice annually the Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology (SBET).

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ErinOrtlund said...

Love Rutherford House! Our friend, Jason Curtis, is now the director--we were good friends with him and his wife in the university family housing during our years there. It is also a great place to stay if ever in Edinburgh--they offer rooms at a reduced price for those in ministy.