15 May 2014

Remember Your Leaders

Francis Schaeffer died thirty years ago today. If you are an evangelical Christian born after he died, you may know nothing about him, maybe never even heard of him. But you owe him far more than you know.

For me, I know of no other modern leader in whom was so beautifully manifest the blend of thinking faith and real-time dependence on the Holy Spirit.


Candace Smith said...

Hey Dane,

Thanks for this; I so enjoy reading your blog. I've only read "No little people - no little places" by FS. Where do you suggest I go next to catch the unique spirit of his ministry?

Thanks again for your work.

Eric Smith

Dane Ortlund said...

Thanks Candace. I suggest his volume of letters, edited by Lane Dennis.

Sorin Sabou said...

Indeed, Francis Schaffer is still a point of reference for my generation. I have his complete works that I reread with satisfaction.