19 May 2014

An Inexpensive Way to Deal with Your Rabbit Problem


Eric said...

WOW. Awesome.

Those snakes are poisonous, right?

Jack Collins said...

Very cool, and pretty dumb, too.

Both kinds of snakes are venomous, and members of the cobra family. The red-bellied black snake is not usually fatal to humans, though its bite can yield horrible symptoms. The tiger's bite is often fatal.

The rabbits are invasive European rabbits (the same species as the common pet rabbit) -- that's why you see lots of holes.

Jack Collins

Drew said...

Three questions for you, Dane. 1) are you going to try this? 2) why not? 3) how did you come across this fantastic nonsense?

Dane Ortlund said...

Hi Drew.

1) No

2) I like being alive

3) I forget