24 April 2013

Top Ten Ways to Make Your Preaching Clearer

Phil Campbell offers ten ways to make our preaching clearer (a la Col 4:2). Good stuff for all communicators--in an excellent book by the way. He expounds with a few paragraphs on each in the book.
1. The more you say, the less people will remember.

2. Make the 'big idea' shape everything you say.

3. Choose the shortest, most ordinary words you can.

4. Use short sentences.

5. Forget everything your English teacher taught you.

6. Am I repeating myself?  [as in, we should be]

7.  Translate narratives into the present tense.

8. The six-million-dollar secret of illustrating.  [namely, don't illustrate complex ideas but simple ones]

9. People love to hear about people.

10. Work towards your key text.
--Phil Campbell and Gary Millar, Saving Eutychus (Matthias Media, 2013), 50-61

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John Finkelde said...

Hey Dane

Love your thoughts.

Can you unpack the concept of "don't illustrate complex ideas but simple ones" for me please?