30 April 2013

Knowing the Bible

Today Crossway releases Knowing the Bible, a series of Bible study guides that will cover the whole Bible, Lord willing, in 6 years.

Lane Dennis and I conceived the project a few years ago in a desire to provide the church with a theologically robust, gospel-rich, user-friendly, and digitally accessible series of study guides that take readers through any given book of the Bible in 12 units.

After asking substantive questions of the text at hand, each of the 12 units identifies the gospel, biblical theology, and systematic theology in the passage. In this way we hope readers come to the end of the study and have a strong grasp of that Bible book--and specifically how that book gives gospel nourishment, develops the big storyline of Scripture, and reinforces orthodox doctrine. J. I. Packer is Theological Editor.

The study guides are ideal for small group study, not least because the questions are substantial. (The questions are, however, built on the notes of the ESV Study Bible, so individuals too should be able to work their way successfully through a study.)

God has brought outstanding church leaders to work with us on this. The first six volumes are:
The next six, released mid-2014, will be:
Thereafter we plan to ratchet up to 8 volumes a year.

Thanks for your support, and I warmly welcome your feedback as this initial batch is released. 

Here are some endorsements for the series. And in the video below I introduce the series.

Knowing the Bible Series from Crossway on Vimeo.

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