01 February 2012

Men I Thank God For

A few men who mean a lot to me and who have been on my mind this past week or so, with one reason I love them. Many more can, and in future blog posts will, be mentioned.
Drew Hunter, for his grasp of the gospel of grace that gives him an ability to be both serious and non-serious, rather than always having to be only one or the other.

Bob Smart, for his gentleness.

The Thursday night crew, for their quietly violent refusal to be mastered by anything but Christ, the friend of sinners.

Lane Dennis, for his steely conviction transmitted through speech seasoned with grace.

Justin Taylor, for his measured, courageous wisdom.

Chris Hodge, for his preaching of the gospel to my soul week in and week out, in season and out of season.

Nate Conrad, for his state of perpetual, joyful, repentance.

Greg Beale, for his battle-tested fidelity to, and lifelong wonder over, the Bible.

David Stancil, Andrew Voelkel, Keith Ledford, and Matt Roberts, amazing seminary classmates, for their steady faithfulness in shepherding God's people while battling the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Hans Bayer, for showing me at Covenant Seminary what Psalm 34:5 looks like in a real live human being.

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Eric McKiddie said...

Dane, you are an example of Pauline gratitude. Thanking God for what HE has done in the lives of others, not merely for how you have personally benefited from them.