03 February 2012

David Calhoun on Francis Schaeffer

One of the loveliest men I have ever met on this earth is David Calhoun.

Dr. Calhoun taught church history at Covenant Seminary for many years, until a few years ago. When I finished the two required semesters of church history for the MDiv at Covenant, I promptly signed up the next year to audit the same two classes once more. It was for the man as much as the content.

Not a self-aggrandizing bone in his body. If you have ever read Edwards on humility in his sermons or Religious Affections or Distinguishing Marks--Dr. Calhoun gives us a living embodiment of Edwardsean humility. The sweetness of it, as Edwards would say. The non-self-consciousness of it, the magnetism of it.

Here is Dr. Calhoun answering a few questions about a friend of his--Francis Schaeffer. Two men of whom the world was not worthy.

The opening few questions have some fascinating anecdotes.

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