19 September 2011

'The Truth about Evangelicals'

Interesting piece in USA Today this morning. Not least in seeing how non-evangelicals view evangelicals. Also because I consider myself as evangelical as one could be, and I fail to see myself in this piece. But some encouraging things said too. It's by Jewish columnist and author Mark Pinsky.

On the one hand, Pinsky has had it with the left's relentless suspicion and caricaturing of evangelicals. He says--
I'm as left wing a Democrat as they come, and I have lived among and reported on evangelicals for nearly 20 years. Let me tell you, this sensational, misleading mishegas has got to stop.
On the other hand, Pinsky describes evangelicals in ways that the fathers of evangelicalism (Graham, Ockenga, Stott, Packer, Henry) would disown. 'Most evangelicals accept some form of evolution,' 'most evangelicals are comfortable with the notion of theological tolerance and religious pluralism,' and so on. Hmm.

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