10 September 2011

Boasting in the Cross

May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. -Galatians 6:14

The Christian not only glories in the cross, he glories in the cross alone. He glories in nothing else. . . . There is an exclusiveness about it, which means that to the Christian this is the chief thing in history, the most important event that has ever taken place. It means that to him there is nothing which comes anywhere near it in significance. It means that he rests everything upon this, that this means all to him, that he is what he is because of this. He glories in it.

I want to ask a question to all Christian believers. Are you glorying in the cross? Or are you just saying, Of course, I always believe, I always have believed, I was brought up to. Can you speak like that about the cross?

The test of the Christian is that he glories in it, he exults in it, he boasts of it. It is everything to him, without it he has nothing. He owes all to this, this cross is the center of his universe in every respect. This is what is meant by boasting.
--Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Cross: God's Way of Salvation (Crossway, 1986), 54-55

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