04 May 2011

I Just Love This

Can't resist posting this again. The conversation of the final seven minutes is worth consideration by every Christian.

I continue to learn so much from James. (Example: his statement to young men about going into full-time ministry that 'God isn't calling you full-time until he needs full-time what you're already doing part-time' is gold, and something I'll take with me for a long time.) And he led this conversation wisely and charitably. Yet he seems to assume here--mistakenly, to my mind--that the weight of one's sin, and one's self-perception of that sin, is quantifiable by a list.

Anyhow, the interchange of the final thirty seconds is just priceless. Amen, C.J.

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Brad said...

I think James MacDonald asks some really good questions in this post. I agree with him that it is ok to say "I am not the worst sinner I know." In fact, I am glad that I sin less today, than I did a few years ago!

At the church I attend, the pastor is constantly repenting from the pulpit of things like lust and greed. This makes me uncomfortable for a variety of reasons.

Also, in our community groups, the first question asked in most discussions is, "Where is there sin in your life?" It seems to me that the leaders of the church believe that as you grow in grace you will actually see yourself as more sinful. This is discouraging and makes it sound as if no one can grow or make progress in the Christian life. This seems wrong to me and I think it burdens people greatly. I think it would be helpful to encourage people when we see life change and the evidence of God's Spirit working in and through them.